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Hello there! I’m Lucy, I'm 19... I’d like to welcome you to my own, private dirty knickers collection at On sale for your personal pleasure and enjoyment, my used underwear and dirty knickers are available to order, and will be worn for you upon request.

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Hey Guys!!...Well I sure hoped you enjoyed looking through my dirty knickers collection as much as I am going to enjoy making them dirty knickers for you! Nothing turns me on as much as when an order comes through for my dirty knickers especially when its an order for extra dirty knickers, it makes my already dirty kickers increadibly wet when I think that someone actually wants to sniff my dirty knickers!!

I have so many pairs of dirty knickers for you and I am just dying to wear them for you at your request, so please let me know what you want me to do with my dirty knickers for you, if you want extra dirty knickers then please select this on the payment options, if you have a personel request for my dirty knickers please message me your dirty knickers request.

Please, let me know all your dirty knickers likes and dislikes, your feed back about dirty knickers is much appreciated and helps me add the things to my dirty knickers website that you want, dont forget to check out my coming soon section of dirty at the bottom of the site if you have other fetishes than dirty knickers as I will be adding more soon Xx

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"There is nothing better than when an order for dirty knickers comes through, I especially love it when there is a personal request with the dirty panties order, It makes my dirty knickers "wet knickers" when I think that someone wants to sniff my dirty knickers, I think panty sniffing is really sexy and when you order be sure to get cum stained dirty panties upon request"